Thursday, July 16, 2009

Recommended Readings July 15, 2009

The WSJ Editorial Board complaining that Goldman's gains are due in large part to federal baking, CIT shouldn't get money, and a call for taxing leverage. Should I be worried I agree so much with a WSJ Editorial on three (somewhat) controversial financial issues?

Krugman on deficits (hint, he thinks they can/will save us)

"A Reader's Guide to Econoblogs," by the WSJ's Real Time Economics. MR and Megan McArdle are at 21 and 23 respectively, so this is purely for entertainment and should not be taken seriously.

Tipping Point or Racism: Take 2

California near a deal to avert obliteration?

Firefox 3.5 is very good, but Chrome and Safari are catching up. Internet Explorer, unsurprisingly, still lags far, far behind.

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